Coaching Calendar

Australian Women's Enduro Development (AWED) is a women's enduro development program created to increase the participation of women in off road motorcycling. The purpose of AWED is to encourage female participants in competition and riding schools; broaden the skill levels of women motorcyclists; and narrow the participation gap between men and women in sport. Identifying that women learn well among other females, AWED Head Coaches, Alison Parker and Jacqui Beattie, have set up a rider development program designed specifically for women, where skill development and independence in an all-female environment are the key objectives.

AWED riding schools are typically run at a public riding facility where camping is available. Women are in class all day Saturday*, while their male companions are able to free ride at the riding park. Sundays* are then spent free riding, giving the females a chance to hone their skills and show their riding friends what they have learnt. In the meantime, coaches spend Sundays* training for their race season.

Costs: Coaching costs $66 per student per day. Students require a Motorcycling Australia recreational or race licence. These can be purchased annually from a State Controlling Body (see for further information) or a one-event licence can be purchased from AWED coaches for $20 at the riding school.

*Saturday and Sunday programs are swapped at times depending on student demand.